With the new SONACA 200, we can offer particularly interesting rates for PPL instruction flights. Once advanced, you can opt for the Cirrus SR20. When flying on this aircraft you will become familiar with high performance flying.
  • NEW as of september 2020!
    Theoretical classroom lessons every wedsnesday evening!
    OR distance learning according to your agenda

  • Practical part consisting of 45hrs flying training.

  • Learn to fly on one of the most modern and performant aicraft.

  • Learn to fly in an exclusive environment.

  • The training is tuned to your schedule and rythm.

//  What is a PPL license?

The Private Pilot License authorizes the owner to fly a broad variety of aircraft, not only in Belgium but also far abroad. With this license you can also take passengers with you for pleasure flights or for your own business trips. Several of our clients use our aircraft to go to their foreign meetings, in stead of loosing valuable time with airline flights.

// The PPL course

  • Theoretical

The theoretical part is organised by the ‘distance learning’ principle or weekly classes every wednesday-evening as of september 2020.
For distance learning, this means that each candidate can study all subjects at home at his own pace. At the end there are some mandatory lessons that can be organised on a suitable moment for the candidate. After completing the courses, some tests will be done to examine the knowledge of the candidate before he can participate the official exams.

The weekly classes will be organised af of september 2020. Please contact us for more details: info@aslacademy.eu

  • Praktijk

The practical part is done on our state of the art Cirrus SR20 or SR22. The total course consists of 45 hours practical training including both flights with an instructor on board and solo missions under supervision. In the beginning we mainly focus on learning to fly and learning to land. The next step is learning to navigate and we learn what to do in emergency situations. The practical training is given by our highly qualified team of experienced instructors who are also pilot on the ASL corporate jet fleet. The practical part is tuned as much as possible to your availabilities, to create the most individual approach as possible.

// What are the requirements?

There are no specific requirements before someone can start his PPL training. the only necessity is that people need to have a performed a medical examination. We advise people to do this before starting the training.

// What is the cost?

For a detailed overview of the total pricing we invite you te meet us at our facilities or you can contact us for further info via info@aslacademy.eu