New Sonaca 200 arriving!

Soon our newest addition to the fleet will arrive. We are expecting our first Sonaca 200 aircraft end of 2019. This aircraft will feature a G500 touch screen glass cockpit. Combined with a fuel efficient engine this is the future towards modern flight training. Contact us now for more information about our courses on the aircraft.

Our smallest aircraft is the Cirrus SR20. This aircraft, designed in America is a four seater aircraft made out of composites. It was also the first aircraft created with a build in parachute (CAPS System) to increase the safety of anyone on board in case there is a problem with the engine or if the pilot looses control. The SR20 is also known for its higher then usual performance compared to other similar training aircraft, while still maintaining a comfortable atmosphere.


Takeoff distance: 1446 ft / 441 m
Takeoff (50′ object) distance: 2064 ft / 629 m
Climb Rate: 880 ft/mn
Stall Speed with Flaps: 56 KIAS / 104 km/h
Cruise Speed (75% power): 155 KTAS / 287 km/h
Cruise Range with Reserve: 627 nm / 1161 km
Maximum Range (55% power): 785 nm / 1453 km
Landing Ground Roll: 1014 ft / 309 m


Wingspan: 35 ft 6 in / 10.82 m
Cabin Width 49 in / 124 cm
Cabin Height 50 in / 127 cm

Cirrus SR22

The Cirrus SR22 is designed as the bigger brother of the SR20. It is a further development of the SR20 with a noticeable bigger engine, larger interior and exterior and also state of the art avionics, compared to what you find in modern airliners and corporate jets.

The most noticeable items are the engine which has 55% more power (310hp compared to 200hp), a larger wing with more fuel capacity and an enlarged fuselage. This aircraft is very populair among people who are buying their own aircraft to travel due to its high levels of performance and safety without having high costs attached to it.

Our SR22 is equiped with the latest generation Garmin G1000 Glass cockpit. Equivalents to this system is used in airliners and corporate jets around the world. This system creates a high comfort level, from low to high experienced pilots flying it. It features items like a Primary flight display with clearly visible and easy reading flight instruments, a Multi function display and an infrared camera for flying at night.

Next to these avionics, our aircraft is also designed with a FIKI de-icing system (Flight Into Known Icing). This system resolves the problem of ice attaching to the wings when flying in colder and humid conditions in the winter by covering the front of the wings, propeller, tail and windsheald with a fluid. An option like this really increases the safety levels and gives you the chance to fly in all weather conditions.


Takeoff distance: 968 ft / 295 m
Takeoff (50′ object) distance: 1756 ft / 535 m
Climb Rate: 1270 ft/mn
Stall Speed with Flaps: 60 KIAS / 111 km/h
Cruise Speed (75% power): 183 KTAS / 339 km/h
Cruise Range with Reserve: 627 nm / 1161 km
Maximum Range (55% power): 1050 nm / 1944 km
Landing Ground Roll: 1178 ft / 359 m


Wingspan: 38 ft 4 in / 11.68 m
Cabin Width 49 in / 124 cm
Cabin Height 50 in / 127 cm